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Chiqeeta Jameson Bestselling Author Sales Coach and Speaker

Motivational Speaking

Chiqeeta Jameson Bestselling Author Sales Coach and Speaker

Below is a sampling of Chiqeeta’s popular training, workshop and speaking topics.
All programs are customized to the audience and desired result of the event organizer.
For topics not listed on this page, please contact Chiqeeta directly.

How to BE the Competition Your Competition Fears

The main reason why salespeople lack sales results is that they give “sales presentations” instead of having “sales conversations.” Imagine what would happen if your sales team put the needs and desires of their customers first. Imagine if they stopped “selling” their customers and learned how to let their customers simply “buy” what they had to offer. Sales results would fly up and off the charts!

This engaging and interactive seminar is based on Chiqeeta’s #1 Bestselling book, Don’t Sell. Let Them Buy. Master the Sales Conversation and Guide Your Customers To A Successful Outcome …. Every Time.

Your sales team will learn the Don’t Sell. Let Them Buy, 9 – Step Sales Conversation Process.

Your team will learn:

  • An easy to implement process that will keep them organized, on track and give them confidence
  • How to take the focus away from their pocketbook or wallet and place it on the needs and desires of the customer
  • How to guide and engage the customer from the beginning to the end of the sales conversation
  • How to let the customer naturally and organically buy the products and services that best fit the needs of the customer
  • How to turn the customer into a loyal fan who feels good about providing references to other customers
  • How, by implementing the Don’t Sell. Let Them Buy, Sales Conversation Process will lead to greatly improved sales results

This seminar is for sales teams of any size, at any level of sales experience, and who want an immediate, positive change in their sale performance.

The Secret to Connecting with Your Customers

Think about this; what is your mindset? Do you “sell,” or do you “serve?” If all you are doing is “selling” you will never be a true sales superstar. If you learn how to “serve” your customers, your sales success will be limited only to what you set your limit to be. Now that is exciting!

The foundation, for achieving this goal is understanding the importance and revealing the mystery of, the art of questioning during the sales conversation. Why? When you ASK the right questions, you can LISTEN to what the customer is saying and LEARN how to help your potential customers with your products or services. In other words, you will know exactly how you can be of service to your customer.

In this fun, interactive presentation, attendees will learn:

  • How to create thought-provoking questions that engage the customer in conversation and separate the salesperson from their competition
  • Why certain questions need to be asked during every sales conversation and in what order to ask them
  • How to respond to the customer during this step of the sales conversation
  • What to do with the answers
  • When to move on to the next step in the sales conversation and how to strategically summarize the answers to assure that both the customer and salesperson are on common ground
  • How to seamlessly move on to the next step in the sales conversation process

This is a topic that all salespeople need to master before the value of their products and services can be shared with, and appreciated by, the customer and for increased sales results to be realized.

Chiqeeta will create a motivating environment that promotes lively discussion and learning so immediate improvement can be achieved.

This workshop is for sales teams of any size who want to increase their sales results and improve their skill of questioning in their customer sales conversations.

Customer Objections?
Never Glaze Over Like A Donut Again

As a Sales Manager, do these experiences happen to your salespeople?

Real Experience #1
You get all the way through your presentation to the recommendation. You nailed it! Then you give the price and your customer comes completely unglued. “Are you out of your mind? There is no way I’m paying that amount.” Then your entire sales call unravels and you are now stumbling all over yourself to get back on track. You don’t. Eventually, you find yourself in the car wondering what just went wrong.

Real Experience #2
Your customer has kept you waiting for a while. Finally, you are escorted into his office. The customer is a little standoffish. But you stay the course. With a big smile, you begin to ask a few questions and the customer stops you in mid-sentence and says, “I don’t have much time. Let’s cut through it. I already know what I want. How much is your widget?” Your heart sinks to your shoes and that incentive trip is slipping even farther away. You immediately head for your rate sheet and think there is no way he is going for this. And, he doesn’t. Why does this happen to me?

Classic examples, right? Disheartening. However, salespeople can learn how to course-correct; in a way that will stick!

All Sales Teams and Professionals can use a brush-up and/or intensive “objection handling” training and coaching on a yearly basis especially when products, services, and the competition changes.

Through fun, engaging, role-playing exercises and an interactive discussion, Chiqeeta will teach your team:

  • Objections generally occur because of something the salesperson did or did not, do during the sales conversation, what those “things” are and how to stop objections before they happen.
  • How to defer objections until it is time to answer them, that is if they are still on the table when it’s time, in the sales conversation to handle them.
  • When and only when in the sales conversation objections are to be addressed.
  • How to answer objections, satisfy the customer and get the conversation back on track.

This workshop is for all sales teams, entrepreneurs and sales professionals who are losing sales because they have not perfected the skill of stopping objections before they happen or knowing how to overcome objections when they do come up.

More Training & Workshop Topics

  • Learn the Don’t Sell, Let Them Buy™, Sales Conversation Process
  • Learn a Way to Prepare for the Sales Conversation That Will Increase Your Sales Results
  • Learn How to Assume the Lead and Set the Tone of the Sales Conversation
  • Learn What Questions to Ask and How and When to Effectively Use the Answers
  • Learn How to Prove the Value of Your Products and Services
  • Learn How to Present Recommendations that Don’t Sell, but Let Your Customers Buy
  • Learn How to Naturally Gain Agreement and Successfully Finalize Every Sale
  • Learn Why Following-Through Will Lead to More Sales Than Following-Up
  • Learn How to Show Gratitude and Increase Your Sales Results

Motivational Speaking Topics

  • Lessons Learned from My Croatian Dad
  • A China Cup, a Newspaper and Walmart

Chiqeeta is an engaging, knowledgeable storyteller that takes her audience on a journey that teaches, uplifts, and challenges them to excel personally and professionally.

Her messages are a blend of humor, emotional engagement, and skill-building strategies, all designed to create a positive mindset and a refreshing approach to handling the stress and frustration of a sales career.

Chiqeeta’s motivational and inspirational messages convey the power of the most important attributes of any successful salesperson; listening, connecting and serving.


  • Keynote Speaking: Meetings, Conferences and Incentive Trips for Corporations, Associations and Organizations, Schools and Universities
  • Classroom Training and Coaching
  • Strategic Assessment to Determine What Training or Coaching is Needed
  • Field Coaching

Are You a Sales or Business Professional
Who Wants to Improve Your Selling Skills?

Chiqeeta Jameson Bestselling Author Sales Coach and Speaker

Private Coaching

What are your goals and what’s standing in your way?

Whether you want to …

  • bring structure to your sales conversations,
  • learn how to defer and overcome objections,
  • develop a smooth presentation of features and benefits,
  • learn how to effectively gain customer agreement
  • or all of the above,

Chiqeeta will work with you to create a written, customized plan to help you achieve your goals.

With a written strategy in place, you will be guided through one-on-one modules including presentations, discussions, exercises, and role-playing.

Coaching will be tailored to fit your specific needs for:

  • selling a particular product,
  • approaching a difficult client, and
  • developing new or improving existing skills.

As trusted advisors in the insurance industry, our Team at Tower Insurance prefers to educate our clients about the protections they are buying and away from shopping based on price.

Chiqeeta Jameson, Sales Coach, and Trainer visited our office for 2 days and shared her tools and expertise on guiding the client into a “Don’t Sell. Let Them Buy” experience. If you are ready to take your sales process to the next level, then this program is for you!

Janice Beighey, VP, Tower Insurance