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Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Sales Executive, Sales Coach, and Speaker, Chiqeeta Jameson has more than 30 years of sales experience working for major corporations in telephone sales, outside sales and national sales training. She is also the founder and lead coaching consultant at Chiqeeta V. Jameson, Inc.

Working as one of over 5000 sales representatives at a major telecommunications corporation, Chiqeeta rose to become the company’s top-selling online advertising sales representative for five consecutive years by generating over 6M in revenue. This success led upper management to commission her to create a training video for other sales representatives and new hires in her approach to her sales call.

Chiqeeta is also a breast cancer survivor and advocate for educating women about breast-density—especially about dense-breast tissue and the care that is needed beyond mammography. This advocacy work led her to accept a position as Director of Sales and subsequently, Director of Marketing and Women’s Health Advocacy for a medical manufacturing company.

Chiqeeta Jameson Bestselling Author Sales Coach and Speaker

Today, Chiqeeta Jameson specializes in helping sales teams, entrepreneurs and sales professionals who have lost their way or have a broken sales career. She also trains those new to sales, in how to develop a solid sales conversation structure and skill set through the teaching of her 9-Step Don’t Sell. Let Them Buy™, Sales Conversation Process.

When it comes to sales coaching and training, Chiqeeta focuses on her proven sales process to achieve results — long-term, revenue-driving results. She has proven, through her own sales story that if you want to affect change in your sales team, you have to go beyond skill building and provide a system that helps the salesperson replicate success. Her thought-provoking, out-of-the-box teaching style and ability to demonstrate the skills required to be successful in sales, leads to higher productivity and accountability for her trainees.

Chiqeeta’s ability to blend humor and skill-building strategies makes her a desired motivational speaker. An engaging, knowledgeable storyteller, Chiqeeta has an uncanny ability to take her audience on a journey that not only teaches but uplifts and challenges them to excel personally and professionally.

Chiqeeta believes that the foundation of every successful sale begins with the sales person’s mindset. Her ability to shift the mindset to one of serving rather than selling, and impart practical, actionable skills to dramatically improve closing ratios, increase revenue and deepen customer relationships is what sets her apart from other speakers and trainers.

Chiqeeta Jameson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Communication Education from Illinois State University where she was awarded a four-year scholarship and excelled as a winning member of the ISU Forensics Team. She is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners, the E Women Network and serves on the Women in Business Committee, Culver City Chamber of Commerce. She is also a frequent speaker at women’s events and has been a speaker on the TEDx stage at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California.

Chiqeeta Jameson Bestselling Author Sales Coach and Speaker

Chiqeeta Jameson lives in Los Angeles with her husband Craig Jameson, an architect specializing in the design of independent schools, along with Aiden McCormack the Jameson, their Golden Retriever.

Areas Expertise –

  • Sales Team Coaching
  • Sales Team Training
  • Workshops
  • Motivational Speaking

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”
Zig Ziglar

Chiqeeta Jameson Bestselling Author Sales Coach and Speaker

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