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Chiqeeta Jameson Bestselling Author Sales Coach and Speaker
Chiqeeta Jameson Bestselling Author Sales Coach and Speaker

Don’t Sell. Let Them Buy,™ Sales Conversation Process.

The foundation to every successful sale begins with the sales person’s mindset. Chiqeeta Jameson has the ability to shift the mindset to one of serving rather than selling, and impart practical, actionable skills to dramatically improve closing ratios, increase revenue and deepen customer relationships is what sets her apart from other speakers and trainers.

Her customized coaching and training programs connect immediately with her audience. She is funny, engaging, thought-provoking and results driven. If you are looking for a coach, trainer or speaker who can entertain and deliver actionable, business-changing content, Chiqeeta’s your expert.

When it comes to sales coaching and training, Chiqeeta focuses on results — long-term, revenue-driving results. If you really want to affect change in your sales team, you have to go beyond skill building and provide a system that helps the salesperson replicate success, and that is what Chiqeeta will do.

Chiqeeta Jameson Bestselling Author Sales Coach and Speaker

Are you looking for answers? Ideas?
A kick in the rear-end?

Consider it done after you read…..

Chiqeeta Jameson Bestselling Author Sales Coach and Speaker

Speaking from 30 years of experience, working for large corporations in telephone and outside sales, it takes commitment, effort, and a mindset of “serving” to become a consistent six-figure sales success.

I stepped in it, over it, and on top of it, and finally got it when I stopped selling and began guiding and serving my customers. This book will teach you my proven process to sales success by shifting from ‘selling’ to ‘guiding’.

No matter where you are in your sales career — a seasoned professional or just starting out, this book will help you guide your customers to a successful outcome every time.

The Don’t Sell. Let Them Buy, Sales Conversation Process Will Show You How To:

  • Assume the Lead, Connect and Capture the Attention of Your Customers
  • Create Thought-Provoking Questions That Engage Your Customers in Meaningful Conversations
  • Defer and Answer Objections
  • Create New Ways to Educate Your Customers About Your Products and Services
  • Create and Present Recommendations in a Way That Engages the Customer So They Take Ownership
  • Easily Gain Agreement by Letting the Customer Buy What You Have to Offer
  • Follow-Through and Create Loyal Customers Who Will Refer Business to You
  • Show Gratitude in a Way That Separates You from Your Competitors

Stop selling. Start Guiding and Let Your Customers Buy!

Chiqeeta Jameson Bestselling Author Sales Coach and Speaker

Bestseller in these Amazon categories!

  • Number 1 in Sales and Selling
  • Number 1 in Sales and Selling Management
  • Number 1 in Customer Relations
  • Number 1 in Skills and Techniques
  • Number 1 in Public Relations
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“Whether you are a new or seasoned sales professional ‘Don’t Sell. Let Them Buy’, is the next book you should invest in.  Chiqeeta Jameson outlines a simple system that will help you serve your prospects and clients instead of feeling like you have to ‘sell’ them. Plus, you will enjoy her no-nonsense, yet humorous approach to selling!”

Ursula Mentjes, Award Winning Author of Selling with Intention, Selling with Synchronicity and One Great Goal

“Chiqeeta Jameson nails it… not only does she give the reader the exact steps to close those sales, she explains it all so simply…”

Allison Maslan, CEO, Allison Maslan International, #1 Best-Selling Author

“So, you want to be the top sales rep at your company? Read the book, “Don’t Sell. Let Them Buy.” Implement the principles, and watch your sales and income hit all-time highs.”

Don Williams, CEO Alliance Professional Direct Marketing Services

This is the BEST Sales Book, get a copy, highlight it, reread it and GET RESULTS! Thanks, Chiqeeta for writing this.

Giles Fabris, Business Strategist

Great Read for anyone who is struggling with selling. The Author really delivers!

Karen Gwartzman, Private Label University

I am not a sales person – but I read this from a business owner’s perspective and found it so spot on! I think every business owner should have their sales staff read this as it explains how to set the goals and client service that will not only help the sales department but the company as a whole. Well done!

Lola Kakes, CEO, EffortlessHR

I have been in sales for over 20 years and have read multiple books on the art of selling. This book is an easy read and hits home the foundation of a successful sales career, which is to learn to listen first and talk second. Chiqeeta nails the bottom line which is to focus on the client and their needs first through successful and compelling questions and conversation. I recommend this book to anyone that is thinking about starting a sales career or is in the process of taking their sales career to the next level.

Andy, Amazon Reviewer

Chiqeeta Motivates People to Take ACTION!

When you invest in a coach, trainer or speaker, you expect results. Chiqeeta Jameson has the ability to impart knowledge and inspire action is one of her greatest assets. With over 30 years of experience in sales performance, coaching, and training, Chiqeeta teaches individuals and teams how to leverage her,
Don’t Sell, Let Them Buy,™ Sales Conversation Process, success strategies to consistently meet or exceed sales goals.

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Chiqeeta Jameson Bestselling Author Sales Coach and Speaker

Chiqeeta Jameson is so knowledgeable and experienced in the sales process.  She has the unique ability to change the way we ask questions so that the response comes from an emotional place instead of a logical one.  This is the type of thing that will set you apart from the masses and make your sales calls flow with ease and grace.

 Leading your sales calls to a YES to work with you is a natural progression once you have trained with Chiqeeta!

Sales Coach & Trainer – Advocate for Women’s Health

Chiqeeta Jameson Bestselling Author Sales Coach and Speaker
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